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A Human Approach to Data Management

Data is the lifeblood of every organization. It’s at the heart of all business decisions, driving every meaningful operational process. The problem is, we have way too much of it. Data on customers, partners, internal operations, and even our own employees. We keep it all forever – only to ultimately lose track of what it is, where it is, who can access it and where it’s going. As a result, data breaches, ransomware attacks, compliance fines – and poor business decisions made with imperfect data – are slowly eating away at our productivity and efficiency. A better strategy for controlling data starts with a plan for strategic data governance and tactical data management. Infolock will help you move past the inevitable paralysis that accompanies such a big task. Working together, we’ll make your business more secure, more efficient and more successful.


Experts in data governance, Infolock provides consulting and advisory services that help you effectively secure, manage and optimize your data. Our deep understanding of risk management, combined with technical expertise and business acumen, makes us the ideal partner to help you regain control of your data.

A strategic partner of Broadcom, Infolock’s deep expertise in DLP, CASB, Endpoint, Web and Email Security is unparalleled. Our programmatic approach encompasses design and architecture; integration, configuration, and optimization; 24x7 technical support; managed services; and dedicated customer success management.

Solution Areas of Expertise

Symantec Cybersecurity

  • Network Security
    • ProxySG & ASG
    • Web Security Service (WSS)
    • Web Isolation
    • Email Security Cloud
    • Secure Access Cloud (SAC)
  • End Point Security
    • Symantec Endpoint Security: Enterprise and Complete
  • Information Security
    • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    • CloudSOC (CASB)

Service Offerings

  • Healthchecks
  • Implementation
  • Policy Development
  • Pre-sales (to POC level)
  • Run (Managed Services)
  • Technical Design (HLD/LLD)

Use Cases

  • Networking
  • Security

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